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Ashish Sahani

digital manager | wizard

Hometown: New Delhi, IN

Ashish comes to automätik with over 13 years of digital marketing experience and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing. Previously, he has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Honda, General Motors (Chevrolet), Volvo-Eicher, HP, Cisco, and Microsoft, by executing large-scale, high impact web projects and experiential events. He has a passion for all things tech and a deep-rooted enthusiasm for the automotive industry and motorsports that infuse his work with innovation, passion, and precision.

 Ashish blends his technical prowess with an outside-the-box creative approach, making him an invaluable asset to all our clients—not to mention how his love for cars ensures that each project is executed to the highest standard.

 Outside of his professional life, Ashish enjoys watching movies, hiking through challenging terrains, testing his physical limits through regular exercise, and playing team-based games. His diverse interests and relentless curiosity fuel his drive to create unforgettable experiences.