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Conrad Shehan

technology creative director | innoventor

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Armed with a decade’s worth of experience on the aftermarket side of the automotive industry fence, Conrad’s passion for conjuring technological wizardry finally got the best of him, inspiring him to “cross over” into the world of automotive events and instructional design here at automätik.

Conrad’s first taste of automotive passion began at the tender age of 16, when he bought a ’74 Dodge and, skinned knuckles and all, got it running himself (in his dad’s garage, of course). Four years later, he helped build an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer from the ground up. And what a wild ride it was: Conrad wore nearly every cap in the company; from customer support, CAD design, chief marketing office, project manager… and everything in between.

While a true Renaissance man with education forays in public education, graphic design, and electrical engineering, it is Conrad’s passion for cars, software, electronics and thoughtful design that fuel his fire–and make him such a valuable asset to team automätik. With his practiced skills in rapid prototyping and working with emerging technologies, Conrad strives to keep automätik’s training programs and events on the bleeding edge of technology without sacrificing relevance or accessibility.