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Courtney Peters

senior logistics manager | detailist

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Born and raised in the world of sunshiny days and desert landscapes, Courtney is an adventurous soul proud to call Arizona home. Her dedication to her work never seizes and neither does her beaming smile.

As a Senior Logistics Manager, Courtney reigns in the land of “fine details.” With more than eight years of special event experience, she has helped conceptualize and execute large scale events for high-profile clients and has mastered various roles where her responsibilities ranged from finding the perfect gifts for guests to hiring and supervising event staff and volunteers to overseeing venue procurement. If it has to do with event logistics, Courtney has probably seen it, done it, and conquered it—at least once. Courtney’s diverse experience and can-do attitude contribute to her ability to be a true ally to clients, helping find the best solutions to challenges both large and small. It’s evident that she has an undying passion for all reaches of her work.

When she’s not serving as the resident ‘detailist,’ Courtney taps into her “wanderlust” side and can be found seeking out adventure with her family. Together, they enjoy riding beach cruisers around downtown Gilbert, traveling to fascinating destinations, hiking some of Arizona’s greatest trails, and kayaking through secluded waters.

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Five Tips For Acing Your Next Big Pitch Meeting

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