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Julie Dvorak

accounting manager | gate keeper

Hometown: Geddes, SD

As automätik’s accounting manager and, self-purported gate keeper, one might mistake Julie Dvorak (bt-dubbs: for all you classical music groupies out there, she is related to Anton Dvorak), for the prototypical brass tacks type of gal. 

Oh sure, Julie thrills at balancing the books and hoarding our paychecks on the first and fifteenth, but in truth, she’s beloved by one and all.

Her keen sense of service and detail are an ideal marriage for the accounting team’s seemingly-endless operational demands and she truly enjoys the supporting role she plays within team automätik.

Julie’s background and personal interests are as diverse as her accounting skillset too. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics earned from Mount Mary College in Yankton, South Dakota, automätik staffers have long been the beneficiaries of Julie’s love for—and hard-core skill with—cooking.

In addition to mothering team automätik, Julie enjoys spending time serving at church, knitting, collecting cookbooks, and meeting friends for coffee.