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Sean GuilLory

senior media producer | magician

Hometown: Johnstown, CO

Sean, our in-house “magician,” is an Emmy® Award-winning video journalist, editor, and producer.

After following the news business across the country for more than a decade, the next chapter of Sean’s career is unfolding with automätik, where he’s free to do what he loves while (finally) staying in one place.

Sean left his home base in Colorado for a small market start in Eastern North Carolina, kicking off a local news marketing odyssey that lasted 12 years and landed him at the ABC affiliate in Phoenix for more than five years. From Florida beaches to Las Vegas nights, Sean says his travel and experience have given him a unique way of looking at problems and finding solutions.

Between writing, producing, filming, editing and designing graphics for projects large and small, Sean has had his hands on every aspect of the multimedia marketing business, picking up valuable skills at every juncture. His fresh perspective is an asset to automätik’s Production team, as he helps find creative new ways to engage audiences and make learning experiences even more memorable.

When not making video magic at automätik, Sean enjoys life in the desert with his wife Brooke and two kids. While they love the desert, they still long for the beach and visit their favorite southern California haunts by the water as often as they can.