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Shaundra Boone

account manager | enthusiast

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Generous and idealistic, with a warm heart, Shaundra also possesses a strong sense of duty, a knack for knocking out objectives, and finds joy in service to others.

While balancing education and occupation, she gained more than ten years of experience in client service. Shaundra’s inquisitive nature and service-orientation led her to a career with automätik’s Client Services team and a realization of “automotive simpatico.” A natural inclination towards business, combined with exceptional organizational skills and talent for communication, aids in her daily dealings of all things logistical.

If she’s not dreaming up new ways to streamline our project efficiency, Shaundra is likely perfecting her shots on the billiards table, spending good old-fashioned quality time with friends and family, adventuring with her two canine companions, Sam and Louie, or exploring a new outlet to express her creativity—glass blowing is up next!

Five Tips For Acing Your Next Big Pitch Meeting

Five Tips For Acing Your Next Big Pitch Meeting

Representing your company at a big client pitch meeting can be a nerve-wracking experience. The only things at stake are your pride, your reputation, the ramifications of losing the big account, your company’s quarterly financial outlook, the impact on your teammates, and your future job security. No big deal, right?

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