Graphic Design
Elevating your brand through stunning design.

From design strategy to hassle-free production, the automätik design team ensures that your corporate event or “a la carte” design project is a complete extension of your brand. Have a look at our areas of design expertise.


Every training event is an opportunity to communicate your brand to your audience. However, we also recognize that each event is unique, requiring a right-sized approach. That’s where we come in. Our design team will first understand your specific vision, timeframe, and budget. Then, we’ll recommend environment design solutions that positively reflect your brand message... and honor your scope. Along the way, we’ll manage every aspect of the design and production process, keeping your team looped in and breathing easy. Check out our Portfolio to see a sampling of the many results we’ve achieved for others...

UX/UI Design

Do you have a digital component to your next training event? Perhaps a registration website, digital event guide, or eLearning component? If so, you’ll want to make sure that each digital element offers users a consistent and unified brand experience. Let our design team help create a friction-free user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) that augments your physical training component.

Print Layout

World-class print layout is a passion of our design team. Whether your needs call for functional participant materials, attention-getting promotional communications, or a show-stopping prospectus to launch your next business venture, our design team is up to the task. Beyond the initial layout, we’ll suggest the perfect printing surface and bindery, and then manage the process on your behalf.


Event training collateral often cross borders between the physical and digital realms. How can you be sure they synch up? Let us help! Based on your desired collateral plan, our design team ensures that your posters, mailers, HTML emails, and landing page resources look, feel, and work in unison.