Looking to elevate your training skills?

automätik offers a number of proprietary half, full, and multi-day learning workshops designed to radically change your paradigm and come out on the other side a better communicator.

We currently offer:

  • PreMeetingMastery
  • MeetingMastery
  • MeetingMasteryToo
  • ProWorkplaceEtiquette
  • PowerPowerPoint

Private Communications Mentoring

How Are Your Communication Skills?

That’s a supremely important question, because a recent survey of nearly 1,000 employers shows that communication skills top the list of what employers look for.

What Employers Want From New Hires

Likewise, have you ever watched a celebrity or athlete being interviewed and, for some hard-to-pin-point reason, he or she just wasn’t able to project the “personal brand image” you thought he or she would? While you couldn’t put your finger exactly on WHY, you knew that something just didn’t look, sound, or feel right.

automätik’s executive team has helped develop and enhance the communications skills of thousands of men and woman from myriad marketplace sectors. However, our most common private request sounds something like this: “Can you help ME become a radically more effective communicator?” Our heartfelt answer: “Yes. Yes we can.”


A mentor is someone who offers their knowledge, expertise, and advice to those with less experience. By leveraging their experience and skills, effective mentors help guide mentees in the right direction.

With that in mind, the highest priority of an automätik Private Communications Mentor is to help our mentees develop important and powerful communications skills that are not just relevant in their present position, but also for whatever their future may hold. Therefore, whether you are an athlete desiring to interview more effectively and radically enhance your “personal brand,” a media host or politician eager to eliminate “filler words” from your vocabulary, or a corporate executive looking to up your presentation game, WE CAN ABSOLUTELY HELP YOU!

Please CONTACT US to begin a private consultation.

Custom Development

Got something specific in mind?

Let’s eradicate boring training in your field. From one-hour modules to multi-day corporate events and everything in between, our in-house team can help you design effective, informative, and impactful learning experiences for your participants.

Please CONTACT US with more specifics and we’ll get back to you with some ideas, post haste.