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John paul pastore

operations coordinator | wizard

Josh Yezek - Web application engineer

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Born and raised in the sunny state of Arizona, John Paul (commonly known as “JP”) has a wide range of experience in customer service, graphic design, and event production. His journey at Arizona State University played a pivotal role in his personal and professional growth, enabling him to flourish both physically and mentally.

JP’s energy is unparalleled, complemented by his unwavering positive attitude, which he wholeheartedly channels into every aspect of his work. Earning the well-deserved nickname “the specialist,” he has built a reputation for his exceptional critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, making him a versatile asset to the automätik team. With a deep passion for cinematography and lighting, JP is captivated by the entire process of producing a show, enveloping his creative spirit and driving him to excel.

Outside of work, JP finds utmost joy in spending quality time with his beloved family. And as a passionate sports enthusiast, he proudly supports the Arizona Cardinals, fervently hoping for the day when they will triumph and bring home the Lombardi trophy.