What’s It All About

MeetingMastery is a two-day immersion that experientially explores how to create and conduct highly engaging meetings, presentations, and training/facilitation events.

Participant Engagement

Engagement is the feeling of being involved and included in an activity, process, or relationship—and data shows that the more engaged people become, the greater the chances are at achieving the desired outcomes.

Key Outcomes

  • Identify common meeting tensions that exist regardless of the audience, topic, or setting
  • Learn how to turn those tensions into opportunities
  • Capitalize on the neuroscience of how adults learn
  • Understand how to flex your leadership style towards that of your participants
  • Improve personal verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Increase knowledge retention through purposefully designed content
  • Curate a personalized action plan through intentional practice opportunities

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Individual Pricing: $1,495

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MeetingMastery Testimonials

"The program transformed my way of thinking about training. It gave me the tools I needed to go back and transform our programs to an experience that is purposeful and engaging."

-Amanda R.

"The MeetingMastery experience is hands-down the most creative, unique, and applicable training I have been to. The quality level of the content, facilitation, and experience exceeded expectations. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and participate!"

-Kimberlee M.

"A beginning, intermediate, and advanced immersion in facilitation and meeting leadership principles—accessible and motivational to all levels of expertise."

-Jon L.

"MeetingMastery is a paradigm-shifting experience that highlights the ways in which you pay attention to the details of participants, environment, presenters, and the content. It shows you how to incorporate all of these elements into how you communicate information and make presentations to others."

-Oye W.

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Check out our half-day PreMeetingMastery course on preparing for participant engagement.
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