PowerPoint Pro Moves

What’s It All About

PowerPoint Pro Moves is a full-day workshop for anyone looking to learn foundational PowerPoint skills, useful shortcuts and hacks, and general design principles that will help turn them into a “Power” PowerPoint user.

Why PowerPoint Pro Moves

Have you ever struggled to create a compelling visual presentation? Are you tired of using generic PowerPoint templates and slide masters? Do want to learn how to create slides like a pro? Then this workshop is for you!

Our PowerPoint Pro Moves workshop has been designed with the perfect mix of practical tips, design theory, hands-on practice, and one-on-one coaching necessary to give you the skills and confidence to design presentations like a seasoned expert.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn useful shortcuts to speed up the design process
  • Practice creating slide masters for rapid development
  • Explore basic design theory and how to source and insert high-quality images
  • Design, build and present a slideshow
  • Curate a customized action plan for continued growth

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Group Pricing: Available upon request

Individual Pricing: $795

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A comprehensive workshop that explores best practices and helps participants navigate the professional work environment.
Learn how to create and conduct highly engaging meetings, presentations, and training/facilitation events.