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Dave Sweet


Mark Krach

vice president

Paul Benner

vice president

Johnny Sweet

vice president

Nicci Alexander

executive director, client services

Brandy Huseman

executive director, logistics

Brandy Johnson

senior account director

Sam Juliano

Account Manager

Steve Wright

executive director, creative

Steve Royce

senior creative director

Mike McCurley

senior creative director

Kyle Notch

senior creative director

Conrad Shehan

technology creative director

Megan Allison

communications designer

Josh Yezek

digital producer

Justine Anastasi

graphic design manager

Sean Guillory

senior media manager

Derek Natzke

senior AV manager

Shaundra Boone

project manager

Courtney Peters

project manager

Julie Dvorak

accounting manager

Julie Kellso

accounting assistant


chief morale officer

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