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Transform your event, meeting or training into a dynamic virtual experience with unparalleled interactivity and engagement.


In today’s challenging times, we understand there is still a need to provide professional and engaging meetings, trainings, and event solutions. If you’re looking for options (or feeling the pressure) to transition from live to virtual—we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transformed our private event venue, SPACE | 1335—into a fully equipped, expertly managed virtual training studio.

It’s more than just going virtual with your content, we are experts in learning engagement—it’s the heart of what we do.


  • Virtual meeting platform compatibility
  • Real-time virtual experiences
  • Ability to host live virtual multi-day events
  • Ability to host interactive web trainings
  • Capability to facilitate off-site main and breakout sessions
  • Live streaming functionality
  • Webcasting capabilities
  • Live switching between speaker and content
  • PowerPoint compatibility
  • Hybrid virtual/in-person event options
  • Simulated live broadcasting
  • Pre-recorded and edited video content options
affordable virtual training


  • 5,500 SQ.FT
  • Indoor vehicle staging/access
  • Scalable broadcasting space
  • Greenroom
  • In-house Production Team
  • In-house Creative Team

Package 1

  • 1 featured host with AV booth
  • 1 HD camera and lighting
    (includes 1 rehearsal day prior to)
  • 1 laptop source
  • Meeting platform
  • Labor
    (AV Tech, Meeting Tech, Producer)

Package 2

  • 2 featured hosts with AV booth
  • 2-3 HD cameras and lighting
    (includes 1 rehearsal day prior to)
  • 1 laptop source
  • Meeting platform
  • Labor
    (AV Tech, Meeting Tech, Handheld Camera Op as needed, Producer)

Custom Packages

  • Multiple hosts
  • AV booth
  • Cameras and lighting
  • 3+ camera feeds
  • Multiple laptop sources
  • Meeting platform
  • Interactivity
    (polling and quizzing)
  • Rehearsal day(s)
  • Labor
    (crew depends on meeting requests)

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