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Johnny Sweet

president | solutionizer

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Having been raised (quite literally) in the automotive industry, Johnny has seen many sides of the business and recognizes the value of a service-first mentality. His workplace mission is to collect awesomeness in a bottle and deliver it to automätik’s clients, day in and day out.

Through years of designing curriculum, managing accounts, contributing to national ride-and-drive events, and facilitating training sessions, Johnny brings a broad range of experience to the table—and as an unashamed Millennial, he attacks it all with fresh exuberance.

If you can’t find Johnny at automätik, he’s probably doing one of two things: (1) gallivanting around Phoenix with his awesome wife and their young boy/girl twins, or (2) playing at a local golf course, where he carefully conceals his PGA Professional status (until after a favorable bet is in place).