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Justine Anastasi

graphic design manager | visualizer

Hometown: Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany

Hailing from her hometown of Ansbach, Bavaria in Germany, Justine developed an insatiable passion for the arts early in life.

Justine completed her associates degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. She has earned her stripes in the corporate world and continues to develop and grow her skills at automätik.

Justine brings more than 4+ years graphic design experience to the automätik team and enjoys every opportunity to flex her design muscles and conquer new challenges. She brings her own unique brand of creativity to every project she is involved with and takes tremendous pride in constructing something both beautiful and effective for all of her clients.

When not at work, Justine quenches her undying thirst for adventure by traveling the world with the intent of experiencing as many cultures as possible. Justine has learned to love the unexpected and is a firm believer in “it is what one makes of the unexpected that truly counts!”

Banish Clip Art!

Banish Clip Art!

While clip art may have once served a useful purpose for you or your organization, there are now a plethora of ways to avoid it and find higher quality alternatives instead. We promise, your quest to banish clip art will be easier than you think, and, ultimately, by using better images and illustrations in your presentations and documents, you’ll produce more impactful work.

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