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lauren billingsley

creative manager | imagineer

Hometown: Ft. Worth, Texas

If you were to ask teenage Lauren about her future plans, she would have admitted that she didn’t know, but she was sure it wouldn’t be in education. However, life has a funny way of unfolding, and after graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics, she became a high school math teacher. While teaching, Lauren discovered an unexpected passion for adult learning, eventually leading her into workforce learning design and, finally, to automätik.

Serving as a Communications Designer, Lauren draws upon her teaching experience, where she honed skills in systems thinking and anticipating learner needs. Coupled with her desire to foster professional growth, she uses those skills to create meaningful experiences for adult learners, a group often overlooked when it comes to making learning enjoyable.

With deep Texas roots, Lauren has spent most of her years between DFW and San Antonio. However, always seeking refuge from the scorching heat, she frequents the cooler climates of Colorado and New Mexico alongside her husband and their excessively cute dog.