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Mark Krach

senior creative director | catalyst

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Back in 1987, freshly-minted University of Texas MBA Mark Krach began what has become a lifetime journey in the automotive industry.

After a successful stint as a zone manager for Ford, where one of Mark’s co-workers was none other than Mr. Dave Sweet, Mark was recruited by one of the Bay Area’s most progressive automotive retailers where he moved into sales and fleet management, including training new-hires.

In the early 90s, Mark received a phone call from his former FoMoCo co-worker, Dave Sweet, who convinced him to moonlight as a freelance instructional designer for his startup automotive training company, automätik. (Mark’s undergraduate training was in Journalism and Education.)

The fruits of their labor—and a passion for travel—soon led Mark to chart a new course, joining automätik full-time in its infancy, designing and facilitating paradigm-shifting training programs and consumer events since the mid-1990’s.

Off the clock, Mark’s thirst for travel and new experiences is slaked with an annual getaway for him and his wife, Lisa. They have traveled all over Europe, the Caribbean, and even to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.