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sarah whitton

logistics manager | marshal

Hometown: Brighton, Michigan

Hailing from the picturesque Great Lakes State, Sarah decided to trade the clouds and cold for the allure of the Arizona desert sun. Prior to her adventures out West her academic journey unfolded at Western Michigan University, where she proudly earned her degree in Advertising and Promotion and minored in General Business and Communication. As a Bronco, Sarah thrived in an environment that fueled her passions for people and organizing events. 

Following the migratory path of snowbirds, she soared into her role at automatik with the same determination and enthusiasm that guided her through her academic pursuits. Armed with a background in advertising, having navigated both the account and project management realms, Sarah is well acquainted with the dance of organized chaos, and is proactive in the face of challenges. Sarah’s strengths lie in her insatiable curiosity, unwavering determination, and her knack for organization.

Beyond the realms of deadlines and client meetings, you’ll find her immersing herself in the vibrant landscapes of her new home. From conquering trails, to uncovering hidden culinary gems, Sarah is on a quest to explore all that Arizona has to offer. When at home, she channels her energy into experimenting with new recipes, staying active, tending to her plants or unwinding with a puzzle.