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stephen storto

av manager | swiss army knife

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

With more than 12 years of live and post-production experience, “Storto” (as he’s known) has spent his career envisioning, creating, and executing world-class church and corporate events.

His distinguished leadership skills, high attention to every detail, and industry expertise have been instrumental to a variety of productions, earning him nicknames like “Maestro Storto” and the “Swiss Army Knife.” Along the way, he’s found great passion for cinematography, video editing, animation, and training others on leadership and service.

When he’s not running full speed getting the job done, Storto loves to detach and spend time with his lovely wife, Sydney, and their daughter, Tori. Along with that comes hobbies like collecting cards and competing in local tournaments, exercising/biking around the Gilbert community, reading new books, listening to too many podcasts, serving at his home church, and trying new coffee shops.