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Take a trip down memory lane with us.


Making history with this award-winning program!

automätik helped introduce dealers to Kia’s highly anticipated SUV, the Kia Telluride. We were challenged to design and implement the most advanced and comprehensive training initiative in their corporate history. We provided a paperless and gamified “flipped classroom” product certification program executed over the course of one year. Highlights of this multi-faceted and sustainable approach include:

8 weeks total

19 tour teams

34 facilitators

34 program vehicles

704 dealerships trained

6-week social media-style pre-launch campaign website to build anticipation

Street drives with the Telluride and competitor

4 10-minute microlearning eLearning modules to deliver foundational information

An interactive and gamified 3-hour instructor-led in-dealership product training experience driven by a fully-responsive BYOD web application to enhance experiential selling skills

A full year of consent-based interactive product featurette text blasts delivered twice/week to Kia sales consultants’ mobile phones for interval learning and sustainment


Infusing the refined and rebuilt Avalon with the bold attitude of the new Corolla Hatchback, automätik serves up the perfect event cocktail for Toyota’s regional training team.

How do you combine the classy, sophisticated design of the Avalon with the daring and edgy physique of the all-new Corolla Hatch in a single training event? Well, that’s just the challenge we’re made for here at automätik. With the picturesque desert views of the Phoenix area as our canvas, our inimitable team crafted and implemented a multi-day training event. Through interactive static modules and take-your-breath-away dynamic drive modules we showcased the game-changing elements both vehicles possess which set them apart from the rest of the vehicles in their class. We spanned multiple venues with dozens of program vehicles while creating easily-replicable learning experiences packaged in “the most organized event” the client had ever experienced.

3 days

3 venues

120 regional trainers

54 program vehicles

Professional drift race car demonstration

18 learning modules


When a client urgently needs to assemble a large group of key leadership stakeholders for some serious business goals and a dash of fun, we know just how to balance the occasion.

As our company tagline promises, there was no boring corporate event to be found here! What better way to break up client-mandated business forums than with headrest-punishing track laps in high-performance vehicles? One of our specialties is bringing excitement both in and outside the “classroom.” automätik succeeded in bringing Alfa Romeo and Maserati leadership attendees together to earnestly commit to brand growth, highly satisfied clientele, and to experience once-in-a-lifetime dynamic road courses with pro drivers.

1 city, multiple venues

2 full-day event waves

210 total attendees

32 program vehicles

7 experiential modules

Dynamic, high-speed performance track drives

Collaborative leadership breakout sessions

Customized digital action planning tool


Introducing the New Jaguar E-PACE to the entire retailer network in North America required purposeful creativity to match the vehicle’s head turning looks.

The client knew it would be hard to introduce such a highly anticipated compact SUV through a nationwide in-retailer tour, but our team of creatives and design gurus worked tirelessly to pull off a highly experiential and effective learning experience delivered with style.

2,193 retailer personnel trained

191 dealers

19 facilitators

Custom routing for budget considerations

Augmented Reality infused, highly interactive hands-on breakouts

Consumer event support


Roaring on the heels of the Giulia launch, automätik dove headfirst into another piece of Alfa Romeo’s storied racing history by developing a tri-city experienza for the all-new Stelvio. The Italian-inspired, first-of-its-kind SUV demanded a proper introduction to complement its record-setting performance features. And we strategically obliged.

All eyes were on Alfa Romeo after the Giulia’s debut (2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year), so naturally expectations were high for Italy’s next exhilarating competitor. We tripled our bandwidth and exceeded the bar by creating one remarkable event at three world-class racetracks—with every component befitting Stelvio’s style, technology, and performance.

3 event cities

11 full-day event waves

625 total attendees

41 premium program vehicles

9 experiential modules

Dynamic, high-speed performance track drives

Interactive, high-tech breakout sessions


Ushering in an overhauled classic while introducing the new kid on the block to Toyota’s Regional Training force, automätik wraps up a successful chapter in Toyota’s history and sets a benchmark for the next.

Showcasing the completely redesigned Camry while introducing the bold all-new C-HR on the client’s home turf was, no doubt, a tall order. Through meticulous planning and outside-the-box innovation, automätik created a training experience versatile enough to be replicated by regional trainers across the country and impactful enough to serve as the grand finale for Toyota operations in Torrance before they officially moved their headquarters to Plano, TX. Utilizing stunning visuals, an interactive digital event guide, competitive gamification elements and picturesque ocean-side drive routes, participants were guided through a learning experience to remember.

3 days

3 venues

120 regional trainers

66 program vehicles

Introduction of Digital Event Guide and Gamification

Exhilarating dynamic drives through the hills of Palos Verdes, CA


Alfa Romeo’s historic re-launch in the U.S. was an unforgettable experience we were honored to execute—Masterclass style.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia marked a key turning point in the premium car market, and our client directive was to get the dealer body excited and immersed in the brand. automätik truly set the bar by delivering an exceptional attendee experience that included premium touches at every turn. Our ability to brand any and all event elements is just about limitless.

1 event city

10 full-day event waves

830 total attendees

42 premium program vehicles

8 experiential modules

Dynamic, high-speed performance track drives


Introducing the Volkswagen national dealer network to the very first three-row SUV in brand history is what we’d call a high stakes event.

The client mandate was to pull out all the stops and establish a new benchmark for learner engagement and production agility. Working within an extremely compressed timeline, automätik produced a turnkey event solution deserving of the event thematic–GO.BIG.

19 cities

80 participants per wave

3,300 participants nationwide

BYOD digital event guide

AR-infused learning experiences

Integrated gamification model


Redesigning and re-launching a classic Land Rover is a major feat and required a unique launch event that went Beyond the Boundaries of what was possible to what is now possible.

Working under major time and location constraints to deliver a truly impressive launch experience, automätik honed in on what it does best—turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. We delivered a turnkey and memorable solution that participants still rave about.

18 training days

9 waves + pilot

1771 total attendees

Facilitator sourcing and training


Full content development and implementation

Extreme off-road drive course

Land Rover first 10x25 ft LED video wall

360 VR Technology introduced


In collaboration with another vendor, we took challenging, nebulous topics centered around the future of the automotive, tech and training industries and turned them into tangible lessons for the Toyota regional trainers to help them prep for the evolution of their role over the next 10 years.

During a two-day event in downtown Chicago, participants were exposed to emerging automotive and digital trends, along with the next-generation Toyota multimedia ecosystem to get participants ahead of the industry curve. The lessons learned at this event were focused on cross carline knowledge that would be applied to future product launches.

2 venues

25 modules

120 total attendees

26 industry experts from the automotive and tech worlds

10 different room setups, including 2 main rooms with large LED video walls

8 portable, interactive digital walls

40 iPads

30 VR headsets

22 Jumping Sumo Robots used for a team-based tech challenge


1 immersive JBL® audio experience, including a website we built to demonstrate the differences in digital audio compression levels


The world’s first 4-door MINI: Game-changing. Paradigm-shifting. Mold-breaking. Our launch event delivered by making the car the star.

Using a novel approach to hands-on learning, participants spent the majority of the training day in and around vehicles, rather than in classroom settings. “The Car IS the Classroom” became the unofficial event motto as participants experienced two separate 45-minute drive modules, a custom off-road course, and more.

A true destination event—held at the prestigious Lost Pines Resort in Cedar Creek, TX

85% of the day spent in/around the vehicles

3 unique participant driving experiences

Drive modules facilitated by the car (via our proprietary GPS-based drive app)


With increasingly complex vehicles, it’s vital that owners know how to use the features and technologies they care most about. Enter the Encore Specialist.

The client tasked automätik with developing, piloting, creating the business case for, and rolling out a brand-new retail position—Encore Specialist—who is responsible for providing a free second handover (delivery) to owners at a location of their choosing (home, business, etc.). Our team met this challenge head-on and successfully launched the Encore Specialist Institute, a 5-day brand immersion training, to equip new hires as they pioneered this new position in their retailers. Three years strong, the Encore Specialist position has drastically improved customer satisfaction, increased sales opportunities and spurned new “specialist” roles within the retail network. Here’s to new paths!

5 day, in-market training course


Comprehensive instructional design and content development

Brand and customer service focused content

Immersive street drives and off-road courses

All-inclusive training app

Hands-on, in-vehicle focus with one-on-one and peer-to-peer coaching assessments


To highlight the all-new performance capabilities and striking styling for the Toyota Prius and RAV4, we procured electrifying, world-renowned venues to upend participants’ expectations in this unique three-day training experience.

From our production team overcoming a tornado just days before the event’s start to participants racing Prius and RAV4 vehicles on a Formula One track, this event was as entertaining and wild as the city of Austin itself. Participants were enjoying the incredible venues so much, it made the learning sessions and business meetings the definition of “infotainment.”

4 venues

120 total attendees

75+ customized graphic design deliverables

36 program vehicles

21 combined static learning and dynamic driving sessions over 3 days


In an ever-evolving landscape of new products and features, it’s imperative that the entire retailer network is given opportunities to grow their product knowledge and increase their customer service skills.

Working under the client’s direction, automätik has produced a mass of in-retailer trainings ranging from 2-hour to 2-day sessions on a variety of topics. Whether it’s IQS, process training, or new products, we always take a highly interactive and hands-on approach to increase learner engagement and retention.

7 nationwide tours

Customized routing of 234 dealers across the country

Facilitator sourcing and training


Full content development and implementation

Hands-on focused learning vs. PPT presentations


Showcasing the off-roading prowess of the Tacoma and Land Cruiser to the Toyota regional trainers gave us the perfect opportunity to elevate our clients’ expectations for the positive impact truly immersive experiential training can have on participants.

We kept one thing in mind throughout the entire pre-production process: design an event as badass and thrilling as the vehicles themselves. This motivation manifested itself in the construction of a Hollywood-style sign, building a broadcast-level TV stage, and planning adrenaline-inducing off-road drives. In fact, much of our work for this training experience was repurposed immediately after for the national press event.

4 venues

120 total attendees

25 program vehicles

3 prominent Tacoma engineers and designers

10 total highly technical off-road course obstacles with pro drivers leading the way

5 lifestyle learning stops, including a demo on how to connect/disconnect a trailer with a boat and a station using mountain bikes to display how torque impacts towing capability


Launch a brand-new vehicle into the fastest growing automotive segment with a bespoke and immersive training experience in two cities with premium, on-brand environments in the middle of Winter? Challenge accepted.

By infusing our automätik ingenuity into every aspect of the program—custom street drives and off-road courses, a built-from-scratch digital workbook, and AR infused learning rotations. automätik was able to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind launch that the client said went ‘Above and Beyond’ their expectations.

2 cities

2 venues

1770 total attendees

Digital App with AR infused learning

8 custom street drives and off-road courses

2 unique vehicle reveal experiences