Quick Tips and Tricks For Zoom and Teams Meetings

by | May 21, 2020

Zoom, Teams, Newrow—You name it!

We know our team seems to be living on these platforms nowadays—it’s been a convenient way to stay in touch with our colleagues (and scoping out home décor ideas). As we bridge the gap with our clients and coworkers on “face-to-face” communication and day-to-day business needs, one thing remains clear: virtual meetings (and training!) are not going away in the near future.

As of April 2020, the Zoom platform was surpassing 300 million daily meeting participants. That’s a lot of virtual business and happy hours. And we’re here for it. Our in-house production, technology, and creative teams are actively providing interactive meeting and training solutions for our clients—many who had nationwide programs cut short by the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

automätik specializes in maximizing participant engagement, and that extends to the realm of virtual meetings as well. We’ve collected a bevy of tricks and hot tips for your next Zoom call or Teams cocktail extravaganza. Dig in and stay safe!