app & web development

Our in-house digital services team leverages technology to transform the event experience for clients and guests alike. Discover how automätik can enhance your communication, training, workflow, and sustainment efforts.

What We Do

Our technology team exists to solve complex challenges for our clients with straight-forward and elegant digital solutions. Our process is simple: seek to understand the unique challenges faced by our clients, and work with them to create a right-sized plan to turn those opportunities into success.

Web-based Solutions

Smartphones have put access to the internet at the fingertips of an estimated 2+ billion people across the globe. Users expect web content to come to life before their eyes and create memorable experiences in just a few seconds.

We consider a range of important factors when designing for web, so you don’t have to. Interface design, load times, data usage and calls to action just to name a few. Our responsive web solutions will dazzle on a screen of any size, and we’ll make sure the content looks great no matter how people are viewing it.

Mobile Applications

We want your app to stand out from the crowd. Our UI experts will help you design a thoughtful interface that ‘just works,’ while our backend developers will make sure that user data and content are safe and secure, whether on the device or in the cloud.

We can tap into powerful user analytics platforms to tell you where your app is winning, and where it’s ready for next-level tweaks. Track adoption through custom reporting interfaces that go to work for you and tell you what you’re dying to know about how people are using your application.

Our Services Include:

  • Interactive job-aids for supporting employees/contractors
  • Learning and reference resources with custom, interactive interfaces
  • Augmented Reality campaigns for marketing, training, or reference
  • 360° virtual presence web applications
  • Event or meeting registration websites
  • Multi-source documentation reporting and processing
  • Private or public iOS or Android applications
  • Web-based training modules
  • Interactive PDF documents and forms
  • Comprehensive field surveys and reporting
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media integration

Registration sites created

Sitemaps implemented

Domain names purchased

event guides developed

Additional Services

Event Planning

Instructional Design

Event Production