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automätik manages text communication campaigns for world-class organizations. Everything from text platform selection, editorial management, on-demand content creation, microsite design, and custom reporting and analytics.

Why Text Campaigns?

Capturing share of mind within your organization is a common challenge. Emails quickly get buried. Internal websites are difficult to access for field personnel. Organizations looking for ways to cut through the clutter and deliver mission-critical information “just in time” are turning to text messaging. However, managing this on an enterprise level requires careful planning, and often, an experienced partner. That’s where we come in.

Platform Management

Selecting the right text messaging platform is a job unto itself. Let us do the work for you. Based on your needs, we’ll identify the right commercial text messaging platform and administrate the entire process at a level you’re comfortable with.

Campaign Management

One of the great things about text campaigns is the ability to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time. automätik can help you establish and maintain unique text communication campaigns for distinct roles within your organization.

Contact Management

Importing and regularly updating enterprise-level contacts into a text message platform is an essential piece of the puzzle. Whether you want this process automated or you require the personal touch, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Text Message Scheduling

We’ll work with your team to pre-schedule your text deliveries in advance, ensuring your message pings your audience at the exact minute you desire.

Complete Campaign Design

The key to a successful mobile campaign is having a “1-2 punch”. First, deliver a short-form text message that captivates your audience. Second, feature a hyperlink to what we call “destination content”. A great way to deliver this content is with a campaign microsite, a dedicated website with indexed information for the current and past communications.

For ongoing text campaigns, an editor-in-chief is absolutely essential. Often, contracting this role is the right call. Let automätik manage a forward-looking schedule, curate content, and project-manage the necessary graphic, media, and web services on your behalf.

Campaign Site Creation

Not only does your featured content need to be useful, it needs to look great and function well within a mobile-phone environment. Our team of creatives and web designers are standing by to support at any level you require. From converting a Word document into a responsive web page all the way to custom videos, microlearning modules, killer blog posts, polling, and more. For on-demand work, we bill at an hourly rate, so you pay only for what you need.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain useful insight into your text campaign efforts. With everything from opt ins/outs to geographical stats and link tracking, we can provide all the important things you need to know in one easy to read report.

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